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Nourishing Women Podcast

Jan 4, 2022

I cannot wait for you to listen to this replay of the New Year, Non-Diet Me training so that you can stop dieting and start living in 2022! Listen to learn the 3 ways to enhance your health through a non-diet lens, how body image healing supports your health, why intuition eating is the solution you've been looking for and the 5 steps to confidently become an intuitive eater.


You'll learn in this training too about Food & Body Peace Playbook, our 8 week online group coaching program.


Food & Body Peace Playbook (FBPP) will help you stop dieting FOREVER and make peace with food and your body.


What that means to you is, instead of dieting to practice health in 2022 (and beyond), you can use intuitive eating, body image healing and gentle nutrition to practice true health for this year, and all the years to come.


Imagine how it would feel to leave the diets, points, calorie counting or clean eating mentality behind?


If you're ready to do just that, you'll learn more about FBPP in the training and you'll also see you can use the code FREETRAINING for $100 for the next day only.


FBPP closes on Friday, January 7th when Module 1 is released. Join today and choose in 2022 to never diet again!