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Nourishing Women Podcast

Aug 24, 2018



  • What is orthorexia?
  • Warning signs & symptoms.
  • Why orthorexia is damaging to ourselves.
  • The “wellness diet”.
  • Social media and orthorexia.
  • Implications for health care professions.
  • Our personal experiences with orthorexia.
  • Orthorexia and pseudo recovery.
  • Why recovery from orthorexia is empowering and important.
  • Ways to practice wellness without obsession.




Come join Meg Faletra, Georgie Morley, Victoria Myers and Meg Dixon for a live podcast event!

!!!!! DATE CHANGE!!!!! It will be held at Lemon Press in Nantucket on MONDAY- September 18th @ 5:30.

Email: hello@nourishingmindsnutrition for more information or to register.

Email Georgie @ for information on getting to Nantucket from Boston.





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